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ARECloud: Your Remote Control Center for Media Stations

A free cloud service to remotely monitor and manage multiple AREC Media Stations no matter where you are

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Manage Media Stations 24/7 with free cloud service

ARECloud is a free cloud service to remotely manage multiple AREC Media Stations no matter where you are. With ARECloud, you can easily monitor and control the AREC Media Stations in your campus or enterprise, such as changing the recording themes or starting recording.

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Schedule a recording in advance

Whether a single course or a weekly recurring lecture you want to record, ARECloud provides fully scheduled recording, making it become easy to record lectures automatically and manage multiple media stations.

Save time and effort with batch recording control

When you have many Media Stations to manage, batch recording control is ideal for you. With ARECloud, you can temporarily start recording anywhere, or even use batch recording control to start recording with multiple Media Stations at once. Whether you have 10 or 100 Media stations, you can easily manage and start recording with one click

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Get immediate alert notifications

With ARECloud, your Media Stations will be monitored 24/7. As an error occurs, you can be notified immediately by email, allowing you to take prompt action to resolve the error. ARECloud logs each error, and all the details can be viewed directly, including the description of the error and the time of occurrence.

With ARECloud, you can get below practical service for free:

  • Remotely monitor Media Stations 24/7
  • Schedule recordings
  • Save time with batch recording control
  • Get email alerts immediately

Supported hardware:

  • AREC LS and KL Series models are all supported. (Please upgrade Media Station's firmware version v2.11 to enable ARECloud connectivity.)

To get started using these features, please visit: