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Created by: AREC / Area: Taiwan / Completed on: 2020/09/14

National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University: Interactive remote classrooms

Two universities in Taiwan officially merged in 2021. The new academic institution is called National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU). In order to promote inter-campus courses, NYCU has purchased AREC devices to build several interactive remote classrooms. Even if teacher and students are on different campuses, they can teach and learn online at the same time.

The classroom is equipped with CI-Z1H Camera, which enable image capture from an ultra-wide angle. And two CI-T21H Auto-Tracking PTZ Cameras are used to track lecturer and students. All cameras are connected to AREC Media Station, where they were mixed and shown simultaneously to remote students..

Portfolio Details Image
Portfolio Details Image

With AREC Media Station and cameras, students can clearly watch multiple channels, including presentation slides, close-up of lecturer, and even the wide-angle view of classroom. In class, if students want to speak, they can turn on the microphone. After that, CI-T21H camera will automatically track the speaker. At the same time, the other CI-T21H will not be disturbed, and it can accurately track a moving lecturer. With both real-time and interactive conditions, teacher and students seem to be in the same classroom. After class, students can also watch the videos to review. .

AREC's devices can be integrated with the control panel. Teachers can switch the mode according to their needs. This makes distance teaching more effective.

In order to let teachers and students know more about how the remote classrooms work, NYCU took a video to show the actual situation.

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