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Created by: AREC / Area:Taiwan / Completed on : 2022/08/16

AREC Video Intercom Solution for Cardiac Catheterization Room Was Adopted by NTUH Hsin-Chu Branch

National Taiwan University Hospital Hsin-Chu Branch recently adopted AREC Video Intercom Solution for cardiac catheterization room. This solution connects doctors and family members through video calls and enables real-time communication between them.

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NTUH Hsin-Chu Branch installed AREC MV-01S server and MV-01C client box in the cardiac catheterization room and the family waiting room respectively. Through these two devices, doctors don't have to take off his/her surgical attire and leave the operating room to discuss treatment options and procedure with the patient's family. They can remotely communicate with patient’s family members through the one-on-one video call. In addition, doctors can use the digital brush function to annotate, which makes it easier for family members to understand.

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To join the online conversation with the doctor, the family members do not need any complicated operations. As long as the doctor calls, the MV-01C client box will automatically connect and the TV will be displayed the real-time video from the doctor in the operating room.

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This solution is the perfect fit for cardiac catheterization, which benefits both doctors and the patient’s family members. It not only helps doctors and family members communicate more smoothly, but also optimizes the surgical procedures.