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Created by: AREC / Area:Taiwan / Completed on : 2024/03/15

"An Open Kitchen in OR House" Adopts AREC Media Capture Solution to Help Record Cooking Activities!

Located near Hsinchu Dongmen Market, OR House is a unique space that blends old and new atmosphere, offering beautiful food and scenery. It has become a popular destination for Internet celebrities as well as for young people!

"OR House", the predecessor of "Xinzhou House", was the first department store in Hsinchu during the Japanese occupation of Showa (1934 AD). It specialized in selling fashionable and novel Japanese imported products. Due to this background, the management team planned and made this four-storey old house into a modern and composite space that includes Xinzhou selection (1F), restaurant (2F), open kitchen (3F) and semi-outdoor terrace (4F).

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To record the cooking event effectively, OR House chose AREC solution. AREC's SI partner planned to provide 3 video sources in this case. They used 2 AREC PTZ cameras with adjustable angles and zoom in/out via the AREC Online Director tool. Additionally, a source that supports HDMI wireless transmission was used to make it available to add a DV or DSLR with HDMI output for the third visual source.

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The event chef or host can speak through the on-site microphone system. All video and audio sources can be recorded and live-streamed to Facebook using the AREC LS-860 Media Station. Live events and gatherings can also be shared with those who cannot attend by bringing their own laptop and using video conferencing software such as Google Meet or Teams.

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The video link is from OR House's Facebook page.