DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station

Product Highlights

  • Automatic Speaker-View Switch. Add a Customized Graphic Automatically
  • Enable All Meeting Participants Can See the Close-up View of the Active Speaker and a Customized Fraphic Together on the Screen Clearly and Automatically
  • Taking the Meeting Experience and Efficiency to New Heights
  • Switch and Output Designed View Automatically Depending on the needs When Multi-Participants Speak Simultaneously
  • Seamlessly Integrated with Compatible Digital Discussion System, such as Shure, Bosch, Show, and More
  • Perfect for Conference Rooms, Parliaments and City Halls
  • Support Auto-Switching and Conferencing Recording with AREC Media Station
  • Available APIs for Integration


Introducing AREC DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station

Taking the meeting experience and efficiency to new heights, AREC DS-4CU, a new and innovative Speaker Tracking Station, is designed to make meeting discussion and meeting recording more productive and smart.

Tracking and Focus on the Active Speaker

Coming with recommended Conference Microphone System and PTZ Cameras, AREC DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station enables PTZ camera to track and focus the active speaker automatically and precisely when he/her presses the PTT (push-to-talk) button.

feature thumb 1
feature thumb 1

Auto Switching and Auto Adding a Customized Overlay

DS-4CU supports camera switching, adding a customized overlay, and speaker’s output automatically when active speaker’s microphone button has been pressed, enabling all participants can see the close-up view and overlay on the local display. The PTZ Camera goes back to full view when speaker finishes talking by pressing cancel button. DS-4CU supports users to easily add and select the output layouts and pre-made overlay images depending on your needs.

Auto Switch to the Designed Conference View as Multi-Participants Speak*

AREC DS-4CU Speaker Tracking Station can switch camera to the designated conference view when multiple participants press the microphone buttons and discuss at the same time. It supports multiple settings for flexible use.

feature thumb 1
feature thumb 1

Automatic Camera Switching and Conferencing Recording with AREC Media Station

Coming with AREC LS Series Media Station, AREC DS-4CU not only outputs speaker’s sources, but it also switches the recording layout through the command for AREC Media Station control. When the conversation has been called off, AREC Media Station will go back to the original recording layout automatically.