Product Highlights

  • VOD Software for NAS Enables Your Organization to Build a Simple and Convenient Video Content System
  • Allowing Administrators to Centrally Manage Video Publishing, Video Information Editing, Bookmarks Editing and More
  • Easy-to-Use Video Portal and Video Player, Supporting Lecture/Meeting Materials Downloading, Anti-copy Watermark and More
  • AREC NAS VOD Can be Installed on Synology and QNAP NAS, just like a Secure “Internal Youtube”


Video-on-Demand Solution without Unnecessary Advertisement and Big Budget

AREC NAS VOD is a simple and convenient video content sharing solution for your organization. Its primary function is to let users store, manage, and share all videos recorded by AREC Media Stations via the software interface in just a couple of clicks. AREC NAS VOD does not contain unnecessary advertising and delivers a high-quality VOD experience without major investments. It can be installed on Synology and QNAP NAS, and only requires a one-time set up fee.

feature thumb 1
feature thumb 1

Make Video Content Management Easy

AREC NAS VOD comes with two distinct features that simplify user experience. Video Administrator Account is used for management of video content. Video Portal and Player is used to watch and download lecture/meeting materials. With AREC NAS VOD, it becomes easy for institutions to provide video learning, knowledge sharing, or corporate online training services.


Browser Support Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari
System Features Video management, lecture/meeting materials uploading, video portal and video player
Video Management Metadata editing, bookmark editing, video preview, publishing settings
System Settings and Account Management Custom portal name, account management, language
Video Portal and Player Video on demand, lecture/meeting materials downloading, anti-copy watermark, video input sources switching (only for AREC Media Station recordings), video navigation via bookmarks and sliders
NAS Requirements Compatible with Synology and QNAP NAS of the following versions:
Synology: DSM version 7.0.1 or above
QNAP: QTS version or above
Compatible Media Stations* LS-110, LS-200, LS-300, LS-400, LS-860(N), KL-3T, LS-US2(N) and more
* Please consult with your vendor to confirm if your AREC Media Station is supported.